Bharat Mabbu

Bharat has 22 years of experience in engineering Products, Online Services, and IT Systems. He has diverse leadership experiences in small and large organizations across the Netherlands, India and the United States.

In his previous role as a Technical leader with Amazon Search, he was leading a team of senior engineers, applied scientists and managers to build a generic contextual multi-armed bandit (MAB) based optimization engine. Its applications included ranking service, page layout optimizations, and inline search suggestion rankings. Before that, he was leading an engineering team that designed and scaled an integrations platform for Amazon Business (B2B) across six marketplaces, 80+ platforms, and 3 Payment providers.

Before Amazon, he was with Microsoft for 12 years in various technical leadership roles. Recent ones include leading Partner Incentives engineering team, building & scaling Hybrid Cloud Platform and significant time leading Microsoft’s anti-piracy efforts.

His interests lie at the intersection of humans and machines, he aspires to build and lead hi-performance engineering teams that solve complex technical/business problems using AI. He enjoys simplifying and communicating complex scenarios through metaphors and analogies. When he is not working, he enjoys reading books, gardening and spending time mentoring engineers both inside and outside his current role. He constantly challenges the status quo, experiments new methods, cross-pollinates ideas from other interests and industries.